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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  May 19, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> ama: roads closed and security tightened as san francisco prepares for the bay to breakers race. this yuan runners with see lot of0s changes, one is the death of cameras at the start of the race and at the finish line. nick smith is live tonight from where the race kicks off with more. reporter: there will also be cameras that you won't see the crews have been putting the last little pieces into place. they plan to have a safing are energetic, and problem-free event tomorrow. >> wild. a lot of people. a lot of people come through here. >> mark, like most who live on the square, is preparing for the
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race. each year the race and the crowd grows. tomorrow's race will be the first with added security measures, extra barricades will line the course. backpacks or bags larger than eight and a half inches by 11 by four will be banned and motor port apotis will bede the >> that made the difference. when they adapt he bathrooms it got gross. >> san francisco police and 16 other law. agencies, including the fbi, are joining forces to keep the 12k course safe. this first major event the city has hosted sense the boston bombings in april. a bomb scare in livermore caused the evacuation of the amgen race. >> it was a cardboard box with a southern california label on it, and we know it wasn't there in the morning and it was place thread sometime during the amgen, and we had to take
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precautions. >> a three-block radius was cleared before a vendor came forward and identified the box. stro extra security is not enough to scare away those visiting from across the pond to see the race. >> we'll probably walk over to anywhere long here and walk around. >> even if the has barricades are put in place, organizers say there will be safety measures used that participants and spectators will not see. >> police officers and k-9 units will be positionen along the course and there will be officers monitoring cameras in real-time from a remote location, all of this in an to effort to make sure tomorrow's event is incident-free. >> ama: be sure to watch abc7 tomorrow morning 5:00 for updates on the race and get details about road closures by logging on to >> let's head right to our abc7
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meteorologist. >> we're expecting great weather. let's check out live doppler 7hd. a few patches of fog along the san mateo coastline, very patchy right now. here's a look at the race forecast. the weather is going to cooperate. so, first thing in the morning when you do get going for the race, make sure you have an extra layer. mid-50s. 9:00 a.m., 59. mid-60s, and warming up to 69 degrees by 1:00 in the afternoon. so you may by -- be shedding layers, we're expecting the warming trend to continue tomorrow and beyond that. i'll have the temperatures coming up. >> ama: a chp motorcycle escort in the amgen race cloized with a car that tried to make a u-turn. it happened on mary-creek road, leading the motorcycle in pieces. the chp officer was airlifted to the hospital with
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nonlife-threatening injuries. >> tomorrow's race is the eighth and final stage of the amgen tour. that kicks off from marina green in the more than and goes through accept rosa, the riders cover just over 81 miles. the crowd in santa rose says expected to be the largest to watch the winner cross the finish line. >> someone one the jackpot. 10, 13, 14, 22, 52. for the winning powerball number, match this number and you're a winner. tonight it is 11. >> heart break. no big winner in california but one bay area person is a lot richer. sergio quintana is live in san jose. reporter: people -- customers of this 7-eleven in san jose should check their tickets because someone is holding a ticket that matched all the
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numbers except for the powerball. this 7-eleven in san jose and another in kearn county sold the winning ticket. california lottery officials say someone matched five numbers without the powerball and that's worth a little more than $2.3 million a couple hours before the drawing people waited in line at cavanaugh liquors in san lorenzo. some people played plenty for a chance amount a $600 million prize. >> do you have a story to tell your friends at work. >> when we win and i don't go back to work? yeah. i'm not sure. i'll think of that one tonight. just kidding, guys. >> is this kind of like the usual lotto thing for you? you come and get snacks and tickets? >> oh,ey, a little celebration, and hopefully i have also luck. >> the lump sum amount for the
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$600 million is 370 million. so that's still a bunch of cash. tonight, this 7-eleven in san jose ishe lucky spot, and you can see right there the $40 million number, that's already been changed for wednesday's drawing, and that is because, of course, as ama mentioned, someone in florida did win the powerball. a very lucky person in a town close to tampa will be taking home the jackpot. reporting live in san jose, abc7 news. >> ama: the winning numbers are 10, 13, 14, 22, 52, and paul ball is 11. so many people were looking for the numbers tonight, it temporarily took the web site down. the server couldn't handle all the activity. the web site was back up within a few minutes. >> you can see the powerball jackpot for wednesday is down to $40 million, and that is,
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because someone in florida hit the jackpot. a large tornado touched down in central kansas today, a storm chaser caught the stovepipe tornado on video as the storms erupted. tornado watch remains in effect for kansas this evening. the main threat overnight will be very large hail. the risk of severe weather is just to the eastern part of the state tomorrow afternoon. >> up to 60 people were injured in damascus, virginia, when an elderly man driving his car in a parade accelerated suddenly. the driver may have suffered a medical imagine before his car plowed into the crowd. it happened at the hiker's parade in. >> there's a plea for help for people displaced by this fire in redwood city. at least 26 people had to leave in such a hurry they had no chance to take anything, not even a change of clothes the
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salvation army is providing temporary shelter but is asking people to donate clothing and gift cards. >> the group "occupy the farm" is back on the land. members tore down police teen this morning and began weeding and planting vegetables. even though cal berkeley opens the line and has approved it for development, occupiers say that not the point. >> this is california hand an shou should be turned into a public farm. >> we hope they leave on their open volition. >> that was uc spokesperson, the university's position has been the "occupy" members are trespassing. last saturday "occupy the farm" did the same thing. on monday, four people were arrested and the planting was bulldozed. >> i think we have to resist this attempt to criminalize an illegal immigrant tree. it doesn't work. >> neighbors had their say about a plan to remove thousands of
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nonnative trees from the east bay hills. uc berkeley is seeking federal funds to cut down 22,000 eucalyptus and acacia trees. the university wants to replace the trees with native species 0 to lessen the fire danger. >> the city of san francisco will declare tuesday warriors day and will celebrate the team's winning season and playoff one, and the mayor will decare it warriors day and steph curry will get the keys to the city. free and open to the public. >> an exotic meat dished up here in the bay area is stirring up controversy. what the restaurant is no now changing. >> the app that helps you get through governmental red tape, and can help you get your neighborhood potholes filled. and later... >> she is like raising her hand, holding a child.
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>> the police officers who helped save three women held
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>> ama: new at 11:00, restaurant in burg game has decided to stop selling lion meat after an angry outcry thivment feature exotic meat on its menu. the owner decided to try out lion, he purchased the meat from a company in illinois. after posting a picture on facebook, people flooded the page with angry comments and the opener received 200 calls, some of which were threatening. >> just saying, okay, stop selling lion meet. but at it like, i'm going to come and rape you and kill you. >> serving lion is not illegal. it's on the threatened list, not the endangered list.
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there are an estimated 23,000 lions in the wild. they say even farm-grown meat could boost lynn hunting in hispanic. >> local officials say the city government needs to do some innovating to cut jobs. that process has quiet by begun and soon piles of paper could be replaced by smart phones. >> any weekday morning you'll find contractors and land owners shuffling through paper, talking to clerks and waiting in line at the department of billing inspection. every person here has to fill out a pink form, and every percentage -- pink form has to be entered into a old very old computer. >> we have a system we have cobbled together and keep putting band-aids on. >> at the end of the counter one building inspector is not using
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a computer or clipboard. that's a smartphone. a samsung galaxy note ii and soon he will use it to approve permits on the job site. >> we believe that mobile technology is going to rev revolutionize the way government and people interact. >> maury black i the president of the company whose software is taking the government paperless. >> the interface to government is still stuck in the mid-20s century. so we have this huge grab but we can use mobile technologies and cloud technologies to bridge the gap. >> you adopt have to be a business owner building contractor to benefit from the journaly into the cloud. just be an ordinary citizen with a good eye for potholes. san francisco is adopting an app called civic hero. >> when you're walking down the street and you see a problem you want to report it. >> whether it's a graffiti or
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utility outage you can snap a picture and init in. the next thing the city hopes to take paperless is getting a business license. >> it's challenging to start a business on its own, we need to roll out the red carpet. >> there's one more day to get free dental work from california dental association volunteers in san jose. the free clinic at the convention center ban this morning at 5:00, and there were already hundreds of people in line. 800 den tests, high hygienists and assistants provided the services. doors open at 5 tomorrow morning. find out what the weather will be like tomorrow. >> it's going to get warmer tomorrow. todays temperatures up a few degrees, tomorrow and monday, even warmer weather is coming. so enjoy the outdoors no matter your plans. as you look at live doppler 7hd,
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if you were with us earlier this evening you saw the low clouds and fog gathering around the san mateo county coast. they're starting to dissipate. we're only seeing a couple of patchs there and that's because the wind is picking up out of the north and clearing the fog away. high definition suit to cam -- sutro camera, sparkling san francisco, bay bridge. it's. in oakland, 58 in san jose, and santa cruz, 60. from the high definition emeryville camera your looking across the bay back towards san francisco and visibility is good. it's clear, fairfield, and napa, 6 2. santa rosa, 62. union city, 57. and here's a look at what is coming, really our highlights include patchy coastal fog. warmer weather the next few days and a cooling trend on tuesday. you'll see a sharp trop in temperatures as we head back to work next week. i'll show that to you in a moment. right now, high pressure quickly il rbuilding the temperatures wl
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continue to rise. so we'll go with the warming trend for your sunday, even monday, as you head back to work. here's a look at the temperature trend for livermore, 91, monday. you see at the doneward trend in the numbers, coming down to the upper 60s by thursday. that's a pretty sharp dropoff from 91. so, we'll be seeing the drastic changes in our weather as we head back to work. tomorrow morning, only a patch or two of fog. most areas will start off clear. temperatures in the 50s. perhaps a few upper 40s. so, a cool start to your morning. by the afternoon it warms up quickly. south bay, 80 degrees, 82, loss los gatos. 72 in millbrae, 78 in palo alto, along the coast, sunshine, 64, and half moon bay. a lovely day in daly city. sunset direct the
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coastside, 80s around most other areas. 84, santa rosa, 85, napa. a great day to head to wine country. for the amgen tour, weather is looking great. head inland, 80, san ramon, 88 in antioch, and we'll bump you up to the low 90s by the time we hit monday. so we're looking at warm weather inland, mild conditions at the coast with mid-60s, then the temperatures start to head down in the 0s only -- the 70s. by thursday, we looking at a 20 teague from monday's highs and sunday night into monday we are expecting it to get breezy over the hills, with the warming weather, lowering humid, even though we have no red-flag warnings, fire danger will be increasing. >> flex for shu. >> the heat was on the sharks.
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trailing 2-0. facing a near must-win situation tonight. >> game three would go to overtime.
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>> after a heartbreak loss in game two san jose was trying to bounce back at the tank, place that it only lost twice at during the regular season. the sharks came out hungry, stewart with the big hit. san jose gets on the board. dan boyle, one time past jonathan quick, his second goal of the playoffs. still in the first, the kings answer. stewart turns the puck over, it's 1-1. couture had to leave for a while after he injured his leg going into the boards. he would return, and in overtime
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put the hurt on the kings. couture wins it with this power play goal. the sharks beat l.a. 2-1, and now trail 2-1. >> we thought we were the better team leaving l.a. and still down 2-0, this time ofbeing the better team out there doesn't do you any good. you have to win on the scoreboard. >> you're never really in trouble until you lose your first game at home so it's a big win for us. i thought everybody elevated our game. i thought our game management at that point of the night was as good as all year. >> the sharks will try to even the series tuesday back in the tank. >> still to come, kentucky derby winner orb goes for the second jewel of the triple crown,
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♪ in moments of grief, we are there. when the world looks for truth, broadcasters come through --
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se fails. today, with more ways than ever to experience the moments that transform our lives, americans still choose broadcast television and radio more than all other media combined. television and radio are still the most trusted sources for news and entertainment, and our web and social sites are among the most visited sites in our daily lives. when important moments happen, both big and small, we're the first informers to history. we are the pioneers, the innovators, the local broadcasters of radio and television. >> before the giants took on the rockies beachy called a rare team meeting to talk about sloppy play. it didn't help as san francisco
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made three more errors this. young lady was having a good time. the same not for tim lincecum. he gets this dribbler off the bat and then throws it away. part of a three-run third for the rockies. how bad for timmy? check this out. falls down trying to make a pitch. only his pride was hurt in the fourth, rockies pitcher tyler chatwood singles up the middle. into center field, 4-1. colorado adder two more. 10-2 the final, lincecum taking the loss in five innings. >> the royals took the lead in the first, billy butler dropped this in, to make it 1-0. kansas city loaded the bases witness no out but tommy pill lone gets out.
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brandon moss with this triple to deep center brings home coco crisp and the a's win 2- . milone snaps a winning streak. >> the-the knicks and pacers. stevenson struck a late 11-2 run. the pacers eliminate the knicks. indiana next plays miami starting on wednesday. >> kentucky derby orb was considered almost a sure thing to c preaknese preakness but a 15-1 underdog named oxbow had other plans. >> oxbow, a fewer low -- furlough to run. it's my lucky day on the odd. oxbow, down to the -- it's lucky day to the outside. but it's oxbow, and gary
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stevens, who wins the preakness. >> orb couldn't overcome starting on the rail and finished fourth so there will be no triple crown winner this year. >> at santa clara, the earthquakes took on colorado. son jose has a habit of losing. but chavez gets his first goal of the year, allowing san jose to pull out the tie. this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. later he will have golf highlights. >> sharks fans are showing their playoff pride. this guy took a break from working on the bay bridge. beat l.a.! we'll share you photos on the air and online. >> new developments in the discovery of three kidnapped
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women in cleveland. tonight, the police officers share their stories from the day that brought the women to freedom. >> plus, apple cofounder steve wozniak steps up to the podium at uc berkeley. >> a closeup look at soming most of us will never get or want to see. the grizzly details coming up. we'll be right back. break
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>> ama: in tonight's headlines, san francisco's bay to breakers race begins in less than eight hours, it will feature extra police presence and more surveillance cameras. large backpacks and bags are bt.
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>> there was exactly one winning ticket sold in the multi million powerball game, ticket in florida has all six correct numbers, worth more than $590 million. one ticket sold in san jose, is worth $2.9 million. finally, african lion meet is now off the menu in burg game. the owner of the restaurant says he has too many threatening phone calls to take the chance. the animal is on the thattenned list but not endangered risk. >> there's a new development of the women who were rescued from the home in cleveland. >> the first police officers on the scene. now describing the emotional chain of events at that cleveland house. >> we see this girl, she is like, raising her hand, holding
2:36 am
a child. my partner looked at me and he is like, it's her. >> it was aamanda berry, missing for more than a decade. >> going, what? >> the others in the house. fficers de officers describe entering the home that had been a prison. >> as we were going up the steps, it was so quiet, like peaceful, and then you hear the scuffleling and it was michelle, with the movement she came charging at me, jumped on to me, she is like, you saved us, you saved us, and i'm holding on to her so tight. >> when he put her down, she jumped up into my arms and held on to me ask screamed, please don't let me go, please don't let me go. and i said, don't worry, i'm not going to let you go. >> and then within a few seconds i see another girl come out of the bedroom. i just look at her, i -- you can
2:37 am
immediately tell who it just thinner, and ied her, what is your name? and she said miss name is you're gina dejesus. that's when i thought -- we found them, we found them. >> all the officers say the three women are the real heroes in this story. a pilot landed his disabled plane and his 33 passengers and crew safely with a spectacular belly landing at new york liberty international. the plane with all the landing gear up sc the the runway use, the worst part was the skidding. you heard and felt the skidding and, i was scared what could have happened. wow, we hit the ground. >> after the landing fry crews plane and the plane with foam. the pilot brought the gear up after the left landing gear
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wouldn't go down. the ntsb has the black boxes from the plane and is investigating. a cofounder of apple cold cal graduates today it's not about money. it's about fulfillment. steve wozniak spoke to graduates at memorial stadium help said happiness should be what we strive for. >> the day you dive if you have been running everything tight and another person is on the streets homeless, smiling, telling jokes, having a fun time, who would you rather be when you die? i decided i'd rather be the fun person. >> as midwested -- admittedly, it's easier to have fun when you're as rich as woes knee -- wozniak. he goss his degree under an signed name. >> president obama is coming to the bay area for a fun dayser, focusing on technology on
2:39 am
june 6th. the reception will be at the home of mike mchugh. he is also one of the founders of sun microsystems. >> new at 11, the turkish prime minister nissan francisco after meeting with president obama. he is spending the night at the st. regis hotel. our cameras caught put part of s ontrer raj. -- entourage. he. >> a frightening look inside the mouth of a grizzly bear. >> the candy bar caused a severe reaction. what may be hiding in the food you eat. >> summer-like heat is coming to the bay area. i'll show you when you'll see 90s here.
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>> ama: an estimated 8% of u.s. children have a severe allergy to food like nuts and dari. parents carefully read labels to see what is safety but seven on your side michael finney says
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labels don't always tell you what is in the food. >> tyler is as playful as any first grader, diving in a toy tent, wrestleing his little brother you'd never know he has a terrible threat. >> it is nothing to be taken lightly. >> he is severely allergic to dairy products and his mother says the slightest drop of milk or eggs could cause a life-threatening shock. >> he experiences vomiting. his tongue and lips get swollen. difficulty breathing. >> she separates all food in the kitchen. in the store, tyler has learned to read labels to find safe treats. >> and he found the candy bar and said, mommy, this says, dari-free and investigatan, dot that mean i can have it? >> tyler was thrilled to find the chocolate bars had a dairy free label. >> i read the ingreedents and did not see any dairy or egg.
2:44 am
>> tyler began to east one and within minnicks the panic. >> he said, my mouth is on fire, and threw up three times. >> nikolai was ready with the emergency shot of medicine. the reaction subsided on his own bus but tyler's fear did not go away. >> he asked me, mommy, why did they trick us? >> it says dairy free on the front and on the become it says the candy is a place in a facility that uses products that use dairy. >> we should take anything on the label, especially on the front, with a grain of salt. >> consumer advocate john fox says parents should not rely on labels to protect kids, especially afew molecules of a nut or milk can threaten their eyes. they did write to cab dimaker
2:45 am
saying the labeling was irresponsible. the company replied she should have heeded the allergen warning on the back. >> questioning my abilities as a mother. >> she found out the candy bars had been recalled in canada because they may contain milk which is not declared on the label. she contacted the u.s. food and drug administration, which opened an investigation. she also contacted seven on your side. >> i hoped that i could help to relay the message this is a serious issue. >> we constant attend the fda which tells us there is no regulation that defines dairy-free. in the law requires companies to list peanuts and milk if they're part of the recipe, but nothing requires them to wash you of possible contamination from shared equipment. that's done voluntarily. however, the fda says labels must be truthful, and dairy free should mean zero dairy. go max go did not respond to our
2:46 am
request for a statement of the fda investigation, go max go voluntarily withdrew candy bar with the dairy free label and issued a notice saying, people who have severe sense different or allergies to milk may run the risk of a serious reaction if they consume these products. although the company did not use the term recall, the candy bars were removed from store shelfs and those who purchased them could return them for a full refund. the company will bring back the cap -- candy with new labels. >> i'm definitely more diligent and cautious about what i give him now, and of the labels he reads. >> federal health officials well be studying what happens when foodmakers share their equipment. they want to find out how often food becomes accidentally mixed with
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allergens that could be deadly. >> this guy isn't worried about what he eats. a photographer set up his camera to shoot grizzly bears. sure enough, young be a walk into the graham, licks the camera, and then finally tries to eat it. as you can see on this video. amakeingly enough, the camera was not damaged. >> time for a last check on the weather. >> if you have any plans for your sunday, you want to make sure that it includes the outdoors. it's going to be beautiful. live doppler 7hd showing you a patch or two of fog. nationally, we could see some severe weather again across the plains. tomorrow afternoon, we're going to see the showers and thunderstorms focused there. 80 in minneapolis, heading to new york 62 tomorrow afternoon. the warmth is down south, dallas, 91, 66 in seattle, and as you look at the statewide temperatures, sunny from top to bottom. 88 in chico.
2:48 am
yosemite, 81. los angeles,,, 75, palm spring, 101. not that hot here but warm afternoon. 70 in san francisco. 84 in santa rosa. breezy, sunny, 64, half moon bay. as you lack at the seven-day forecast you'll notice that those temperatures continue to head up, low 90s inland. mid-60s coast for monday, but don't get used to it. you know what is coming change, and dramatic change, dropping down into the 70s. more cloud cover, no showers in the forecast but cooling below average by then. >> but june is right around the corner. >> that's right. le and june gloom. >> rick is in for shu. >> time to get out the power play. the sharks had been 0- on the power play so far in the series
2:49 am
with the kings but that all changed tonight as san jose takes advantage and pulls o 8tesp
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down two games 2-0 in the western conference semifinals san jose was facing must win begins the kings. let's good out to the tanks. smith with a big hit. san jose on the board. boyle one-times it past jonathan quick. boyle's second goal of the playoff. in the first, the kings answer. stewart turns the puck over. couture had to leave for a while after he injured his leg going into the board and would return and in overtime put the hurt on the kings. couture wins it with this mother -- power play goal. the sharks win, trying to even the series on tuesday in the tank. >> just one game. you think about it like five minutes and then prepare for game four. >> got to get a win. whatever you want to say, and -- but it's one game. got to do it again. >> never really in trouble until
2:53 am
you lose your first game at home so a big win for us. >> i thought everybody elevated our game and our game management at that point was as good as all year. the giants lost and the starting pitching has allowed 37 runs in five games and the team has committed 12 errors. what is going on, let's go out to coors field. this young lady on a rocky mountain high. not the same for tim lincecum. he gets a dribbler and then throws the ball away. how bad for timmy? he slips and falls trying to make this pitch. only his pride was hurt. still in the fourth, rockies pitcher singles. goes off lincecum's leg, 4-1. colorado add two more in the fifth on this blast. no doubt about that one. 10-2 the final. lincecum takes the loss, giving up six runs and seven hits and
2:54 am
five innings. >> it was "star trek" night at the coliseum or the raiders were player. the royals took the lead in the first. gordon scores. to make it 1-0. sans city loaded the bases with no out but tommy milone strikes out escobar to end the inning. oakland takes the lead in the sixth. moss breaks out of a 4-30 slump with this triple to deep center, bringing home coco crisp. the a's win. >> in nba eastern conference, pairses looking to finish off the knicks. carmelo anthony would not go down without a fight. leading all scorers with 39. but laps steveson sparked a late run. the pacer eliminate new york, 106-99. indiana takes on miami starting on wednesday. kentucky derby winner orb was a big favorite today to capture the 138th running of
2:55 am
the preakness, a victory at pimlico would put him in thine become the first triple crown winner since 1978 but a horse named oxbow had other plans. >> oxbow, a furlough to run, it's my lucky day on the outside. oxbow, down -- it's my lucky day to the outside. but it's oxbow, and gary stevens, to win the preakness. >> oxbow led from the start and pulls off the upset. he had again off at 15-1 awds. orb finished fought fourth. >> i get paid to spoil dreams. and so unfortunately, we go over here and you can't mail them in. it's a different surface, a different time, and you got to line them up and win them. >> at the byron nelson classic, bradley is trying to become the
2:56 am
tournament's first wire-to-wire winner since tom watson in 1980. it was picture perfect day inas. ving, texas. check out this shot. on the par-4 14th. takes a couple of bunses bouncen for an eagle. bradley started the day with a three shot lead. a 68 today has him on top by one going into the final round. >> tom gillis is two back thanks to shots like this from the bunker on 18 and at it in for a birdie. this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. and mike shumann should be back tomorrow. >> good to have you. thank you for joining us for this edition of abc7 news.
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>> the abc app is available for android phone and the kindle fire. you can download it for free from itunes, the amazon app store and on google play. have a great
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